#BlogTour #BookReview – No Further Questions by Gillian McAllister @MichaelJBooks @GillianMAuthor

This is definitely going to the top of my list for favourite reads so far this year.  No Further Questions has a storyline that maintains your attention, characters that draw you in, and an explosive finale.  This is the tale of two sisters and a trial that will either make or break them.

51t+sv5a-KL‘The police say she’s guilty.  She insists she’s innocent.  She’s your sister.  You loved her.  You trusted her.  But they say she killed your child.

Who do you believe?’

This is a smart thriller that has taken a simple idea and turned it into a fascinating courtroom drama.  This book is made for television.  Gillian writes with perfect pace, not too fast, not too slow, and keeps adding emphasis to the importance of each character throughout.  Everyone has their part to play and where they each end up is what makes it so interesting.

Gillian has summed up motherhood quite perfectly within the storyline.  It isn’t an easy job, and can be very frustrating at times but incredibly rewarding.  I really felt for Martha as she has only experienced the hardship of mothering a baby through the first weeks, with the tiredness, the crying and the constant feeding.  She will never watch her child grow out of that and into their personality.  The question lies with whether her sister is to blame for that!?

Becky is a bit of a drifter and can’t stick to one thing.  Her marriage fell apart and she hates her current job, so when her sister, Martha, offers her the flexibility of being Layla’s nanny, she jumps at the chance but soon regrets it when she realises that Layla isn’t exactly an easy baby with the chronic colic.  Becky has a bit of an unsteady personality and just like Martha, I didn’t know what to believe.  Even though the evidence was pretty damning, did she really smother her sister’s baby?  Becky seems to resent ‘perfect Martha’ a little bit, but would she really do this?

I loved the whole courtroom set up with memories of the recent past thrown in.  You get a real sense of longing for the story and the desperation in needing to know who, what, where, when and why on earth why!  It really is a captivating tale, and although the underlying subject of child death is unsettling in itself, Gillian gives it the attention it deserves and never once did I feel put off by the book being a mother of young children myself.

No Further Questions is an intelligently constructed novel that pulls together a cross section of characters to show the importance of a trial such as this.  This is an incredibly compelling and rip-roaring triumph for Gillian.  I devoured it.  I adored it.  And I will be recommending it far and wide.

No Further Questions is available to buy now on e-book, with a paperback publication set for in October.  Thank you so much to Jenny Platt at Michael Joseph for inviting me onto the Blog Tour, it is so appreciated.   And Gillian; what a stunner of a read!  Pure page-turning stuff.

F x

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