#BlogTour #BookReview – Sleeper 13 by Rob Sinclair @orionbooks @PoppyStimpson @RSinclairAuthor

Today’s blog tour spot for Sleeper 13 lands with me, and trust me when I say that this is a read to invest some quality time in.  It is a book brimming with adventure, incredibly emotionally testing, and an edge of your seat, one breath, read.

51skeL84C7L._SX325_BO1,204,203,200_‘Smuggled to the Middle East as a child.

Trained as one of the most elite insurgents of his generation.  Forced to do things no one should, for a cause he couldn’t believe in.  But as his brothers were preparing to kill, he was looking for a way out.  Now, on the eve of the deadliest coordinated attacks the world has ever seen, he finally has his chance.  He will break free and hunt down those who made him a monster.  He must draw on all his training to survive.

He is SLEEPER 13.’

We follow Rachel Cox, a pretty kick-ass character, in her path to foil a planned terror attack.  She has very little support from her work colleagues, and rather than do what they say, she plans on ‘going it alone’, using her expertise to trust her instincts and maximising her training to get to the core of what is going on.

The book is globe-trotting.  It never stops in one point for too long so it keeps you absorbed in the tale.  I grew attached to the characters, and I loved the whole dual aspect of seeing the world through Rachel’s and Aydin’s (Sleeper 13) eyes.  We see both sides to the story and we witness some pretty horrific moments which aren’t for the faint-hearted.

Sleeper 13 is a credible plot and Sinclair’s intelligence shines through the pages as he creates a horrifying world of what probably is actually going on in the Far East.  His use of ‘the Farm’ where young children are being trained into fighters is disturbing, but makes for good reading.  It gave me a whole new view on something I know very little about.  Obviously I know that this is a work of fiction, but a lot of authors get their ideas from the world as it is today.

Aydin is out for revenge, he wants to hit back and nothing is going to stop him.   And as a result, I could not read this book quick enough.  That last section – there are no words! Heart-stopping stuff.  The storyline develops so well and it keeps you in its clutches until the final page.

Thank you to Poppy at Orion for sending me a copy of Sleeper 13 in exchange for an honest review on the Blog Tour.  I cannot wait for the next instalment – Fugitive 13!

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F x

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