#BookReview – One Small Thing by Erin Watt @HQStories #onesmallthing

When I first requested this for review, I had no idea that it was a Young Adult novel, but when it arrived, this by no means put me off.  In fact, the way it is written is rather refreshing as, although the underlying storyline is an upsetting one, it is by no means sinister or disturbing – it is, what it is, if you get me.


‘Their secret could tear everything apart…

Beth’s life hasn’t been the same since her sister died.  Trapped at home by her over-bearing parents Beth needs to get out.  So when she sneaks out to a party and meets the boy everyone’s been talking about she’s shocked by their instant connection, and the part he played in her sister’s death.

A forbidden romance is the last thing either of them planned for, but the more time they spend together, the deeper their feelings become.

Beth has a choice to make – follow the rules, or risk ruining what she cares about most.’

I really enjoyed Beth as a character, although she was a little over-dramatic and infuriating at times.  But, I guess, what teenager isn’t?  All Beth wants is a normal life to get on and study, party when she wants, and be friends with who she pleases.  Her parents put a stop to all of that though, when they find out that Beth has been doing things behind their backs, leading them to not trusting her.  I can definitely see where her parents are coming from, they are just scared of losing her the way they lost Beth’s sister.

Beth starts to grow up a bit, realising that her parents will start trusting her again if she stops acting like a spoilt kid.  And, it definitely works until they realise how close she is getting to the boy that killed their daughter.  This isn’t a case of a murderer, but a boy rebelling against his family, stealing a car and accidentally running over an innocent girl.  Having spent time in jail, he knows that actions have consequences, and tries to explain this to Beth to help her on her mission of getting her parents to trust her again.

Beth and Chase really start forming a bond despite the past, and trying their hardest not to, but this is a classic case of ‘the heart wants what it wants’.  I really didn’t have a clue as to how it was going to end, but with a little twist, I was pleased with how it did.  Upsetting themes run throughout, from the loss of a child to domestic abuse, but Erin Watts handles it well through clear language and writing with the power of love and sympathy, through the eyes of a teenager.

One small thing is a beautifully light, easy read that tackles subjects that the youth of today might struggle with.  I loved the use of the title within the story which is portraying  the idea of appreciating the little things to get you through each day.   It is a book that I will be putting aside for my daughters to read when they are old enough to understand.

One small thing is available to buy from the end of the month, and a big thank you to HQ Stories for sending me a copy in return for being part of the Blog Tour.

F x




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