#BookReview – Don’t Make A Sound by David Jackson @BonnierZaffre @Author_Dave

If you want a heart-pumping, fist in your mouth, absolute whirlwind of a read, then this is that book.  As the old-saying goes, ‘I literally could not put it down’.  At every spare moment my head was buried in this book.  It is one immense, intense read, and boy, did I love it.

51aPviFiTML‘You can’t choose your family.  Or can you?

Meet the Bensons.  They’re an ordinary couple.  They wash their car, mow their lawn and pass the time of day with their neighbours.  And they have a beautiful little girl called Daisy.

There’s just one problem.

She’s not theirs.

D. S. Nathan Cody is about to face his darkest and most terrifying case yet…’

This book is centred around three little girls; Daisy, Poppy and Ellie, and how they come to be locked in a room in a seemingly ordinary house.  These are three innocent children that pulled on my heartstrings.  Daisy, who has been held captive for the longest, plays the roll of big sister as she knows what to do, and she does it well.  She understands about ‘quiet time’, she knows what makes “mummy” and “daddy” happy, and she knows how she can keep these two girls safe by teaching them the routine.  But Poppy and Ellie unawarely spur Daisy on to realise that she needs to get all three of them out of this hell-hole, but how?  Is it DS Cody to the rescue…!?

The short chapters really pack a punch, and David’s ability of luring you in to such a terrifyingly brilliant storyline is insane.  My attention was maintained throughout, and I was cheering these three girls on to make their great escape.

This book is literally every parent’s worst nightmare; just imagine the horror of your child being taken, and there is no trail of evidence left to suggest who, what, where, when and why.  It made me feel sick to my stomach, but it didn’t prevent me from reading, as David really hooked me in from the intensity of the very first chapter.

Don’t Make A Sound is not your average police-procedural, this book is so much more than that.  It is a cleverly-crafted, alluring, dark read that has nailed the genre ‘thrill-lit’.  You do not want to miss it.

Thank you so much to the publishers Bonnier Zaffre for my copy in return for an honest review.  I quite simply devoured every bit of it.

F x

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