#BookReview – The Pool House by Tasmina Perry @Bookish_Becky @headlinepg @HeadlineFiction @tasminaperry

Thank you to Becky Hunter at Headline for sending me a copy in return for an honest review.  I do love a book that whisks me off to visit how ‘the other half live’, and this is perfect for that.  With the glittering lights of NYC and the scenic views of the Hamptons, this is a tale that will keep you on your toes.

51CvttMKOgLA Summer To Die For
To Jem Chapman, it’s the chance of a lifetime.  An invitation to join a group in an exclusive Hamptons house-share, who could say no?  But when she discovers what happened last summer, Jem can’t help but feel a chill.

A young woman was found drowned in the house’s pool.  The housemates said Alice was troubled.  She’d been drinking.  She couldn’t swim…

A Secret To Kill For
As Jem gets to know her glamorous new housemates, she realises each has something to hide. What really happened last summer?  And who would go to any lengths to keep a person quiet?

I adored Jem as a character, a proper down to earth girl, no side to her, with a love for food.  Jem is a little lonely, having left her small catering business behind when her and her husband moved to New York, so although being a little unsure, she jumps at the chance of a rental house share to spend the summer in the Hamptons.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to witness the glitzy life in such a sought after place?  I know I would.

All seems well until Jem unearths something disturbing from her newfound friends – the last girl who spent the summer there, Alice, was found dead in the swimming pool.  Jem starts to feel uneasy… is there something more sinister to this than a simple drunken accident?!

I loved the alliance Jem made with Michael, who is an award-winning journalist and a best-seller writer.  Together they make the perfect pair; they want justice, they want to help a widow, but what they begin to uncover in their investigation into Alice’s death, Jem isn’t so sure she wants to carry on.  Her life starts to tumble down around her… what can she do to make it stop?

Jem’s husand, Nat, is a workaholic and a bit of a lad.  Can Jem really trust him?  In fact, can Jem trust anyone around her?  We are introduced to a bunch of unlikely characters, all of whom seem to have their secrets, from affairs to general unhappiness, but it was mighty fun following them all in this twisting tale.

This is a real glamorous getaway read, and what is even better is how devious it is.  Tasmina tangles a dark web fuelled with seductive descriptions, playful characters and fun dialogue.  She sure knows how to write a good book.

The Pool House is available now to buy on e-book, but if you prefer a paperback then unfortunately you will have to wait until August!  August is the perfect month though for a sunny holiday read to dip in and out of, and The Pool House fits that bill perfectly.

F x


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