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A special thanks goes to Olivia at Quercus for inviting me onto the blog tour of What Lies Within. This is that book where I wish I could be whisked away to hotter climates, and the swimming pool and palm trees on the cover did not help that fact one iota.  It is a fabulous cover though.

51c+Dsh5DxL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_‘A unique friendship, built on a lie.

Freya, Paul and Hamad. Three friends from two different worlds; a seemingly unshakeable bond, suddenly under threat.

A move that would change all their lives.

The trio have stayed close since university despite Freya and Paul’s marriage and Hamad’s wealthy lifestyle – so different from their own. Then an incredible job offer from Hamad sees Paul and Freya move to Morocco.

A city where nothing is as it seems.

Marrakech soon proves a perplexing place to live. Instead of reinvigorating their marriage, Freya finds the move is driving them apart. Revelations about their shared past force her to acknowledge that neither Paul nor Hamad is quite the man she thought. When a shocking crime is committed, Freya finds herself cast adrift in the dark corners of a bewildering city, unsure who to trust or to believe.’

We begin with an incredibly appealing prologue; a dead body, and I could not wait to follow the story to how we get to this point.  It is very intriguing, especially as what follows at the end of chapter one, is a drunken car crash.  It makes you wonder how the guilt of this incident and the ‘other car’ will affect the characters in the long-run.

You can tell that Annabelle has seen some beautiful scenes in her time.  Her descriptions are exquisite and just whisk you mentally away to Middle Eastern sands.  It makes reading so much more enjoyable when a writer knows what they’re trying to create, and then with the storyline being as inquisitive as it is, makes it an appealing read.

Annabelle’s knowledge shines through in her writing.  It is interesting to read the Middle Eastern way of life, and the glossary at the front is most helpful when you haven’t a clue, like me, of the goings on, on that side of the world.

Freya, Paul and Hamed have what I find, an unusual friendship triangle. Best mates from uni which is wonderful, but Freya and Paul are now married, and they don’t see Hamed as often as they would like as he lives a completely different lifestyle to them.  Freya and Paul’s marriage is clearly struggling but what can Hamed do to help them out… if at all?  Especially as his love life is rather an unusual one.

I do love a story full of secrets and lies, as it makes things way more interesting, and What Lies Within shows this aspect straight away.  How can you trust your husband when he isn’t where he says he is?  That isn’t being a “paranoid” wife, it is being a “what the hell is going on”, and quite rightly so, kind of wife!  You can see throughout that Freya isn’t trusting, she knows that there must be something more to the business opportunity, but desperate to save her marriage, she grasps at it with both hands.  What lies in store for them all though…

What Lies Within is a hot book to check out, so why not pick up a copy for yourself?

F x

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beachclose.pngAnnabelle Thorpe has been a travel and features journalist for fifteen years, writing for national print and online media. She currently works as a freelance, writing mostly for the Times, Telegraph and Guardian, alongside copywriting, non-fiction travel books and PR consultancy work for the National Trust. Alongside her journalism, Annabelle completed an MA in Contemporary History in September 2012 and is an alumna of Curtis Brown Creative. She lives in Ditchling, East Sussex.

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