#BookReview – This is How I Lose You by @katemcnaughton @hannahlbright29 @TransworldBooks @DoubledayUK

51-DbCTiHJL._SX309_BO1,204,203,200_‘What happens to a story when it ends too soon?’

Eva and Adam are love’s young dream but their story together ends far too soon.  Following a night out with friends, they both fall into bed, but only one of them will open their eyes in the morning.

This is a story told in a different format.  This is a story about a young woman finding out the meaning of her own life and who she really is, after a deeply upsetting time.  This is the story of Eva and Adam, and their lives before it ended.

There is so much love in this beautiful book; it is funny, upsetting at times but definitely full of warmth.  It filled my heart with both sadness and happiness.  This is a masterpiece that I would urge you to read as it is about discovery, relationships, trust and finding joy when you are at your lowest point.

The novel itself is structured well.  Kate McNaughton lures you in even if this book is full of grief to begin with.  It is sad to see how Eva’s life changes, but one we are obviously not surprised at, plus this book wouldn’t have worked if this life defining moment hadn’t had happened.  We would have all loved to have seen Eva and Adam living their happy ever after together, but would they have anyway?!  You never know what lies in the stars and what fate has to bring us all.

Thank you so much to Hannah Bright at Transworld for sending me an advanced review copy in return for my honest opinion.  I lapped it up and am desperate for seconds.

This is one to be enjoyed with a cuppa and an early evening on the settee!


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