#BookReview – Exhibit Alexandra by Natasha Bell @Ells85 @byTashB @MichaelJBooks

Thank you to Netgalley and Michael Joseph for my kindle copy of ‘Exhibit Alexandra’ – I whipped through it in one sitting, and here is why…

415O8BgJTlLAlexandra Southwood is missing. Her husband is beside himself, or at least he appears to be. She has vanished into thin air; the only traces left are her bloodied clothes by the riverside. It isn’t long before the police are searching for a body.  But we know that she is alive. That she is being kept somewhere far from her family.  That perhaps this wife and mother wasn’t quite what she seemed…

There is an air of mystery surrounding the whole book.  We hear Alexandra’s thoughts on how it all began; what she believes her husband’s movements were – did he eat takeout?  Did he worry straight away where she was?  Alexandra then talks a little about where she is now, but she never goes into much detail.  What she is going to do it take comfort in telling us the details of where it all started, which is how the story begins…

Natasha has a real flair for building up a tale with hidden depths.  She works her characters into the story well, each having their own importance and I loved the way Alexandra began with a huge likability factor, although my opinion of her changed as things  moved along.

I adored the moments Alexandra and Marc share with the reader of their past.  Of how they met, young and carefree.  It adds real emphasis to the story, of how much in love they were.  How has it all gone so wrong?

There are letters from Alexandra’s past slipped into the story.  Who is this person obsessively writing to her?  I was on tenterhooks waiting to find out what the link was.

I enjoyed the whole central theme of modern art twisted through the storyline.  You really get a sense for what sort of person Alexandra is, and what her passions are.  Surely there is more to her as a character… well it was certainly interesting finding out.

I loved the way things progressed slowly and that issues and lies started coming out of the woodwork.  We all know that sometimes things aren’t quite what they seem!  As for the ending, well, I was a little surprised but kind of had an inkling as to where that was where the story was heading.  It didn’t make it any the less interesting though.

‘Exhibit Alexandra’ is out this Thursday, so why don’t you have a click below to have a look for yourself…

F x


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