#BookReview – Coming Home by Fern Britton @FictionPubTeam @Fern_Britton @LizDawsonPR @HarperFiction

I managed to nab myself a copy of this on Netgalley earlier this year, and when I finally got round to reading it, I devoured it in very few sittings – what an utterly fabulous book!  Even when I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it…


‘Three women.  A lifetime of secrets. The only place to be is home.’

Ella comes back to the beautiful Cornish coast to heal her heart after the death of her beloved grandmother, Adela.  There she finds her home again and discovers a new life, but she also opens a treasure trove of secrets.

Twenty years ago Ella’s mother Sennen ran away from Cornwall. Sennen had been a young single mum and, unable to cope, had left their children with her mother Adela…and a part of her with them. She’s spent the years since hiding from her past, hiding from herself.

Now it’s time to come back to Cornwall. To face her mistakes. To pray for forgiveness. And to hope for a future with her long-lost daughter and son. Will she be welcomed back with open hearts?

They say home is where the heart is. It’s time to come home…

Fern is a classic storyteller.  I am such a lover of all of her works of fiction and she has yet to fail my imagination.  Fern brings places to life.  You can see how much love and attention goes into each scene, each character, each setting.  She has a gift for writing and thank goodness she is able to share it with me.

I adored the passing back and forth in time. You get a real snapshot of each character across three generations, and learn more about them as people. What made Sennen get up and leave her young children one night, and why has it taken this long for them to be in contact? Ella and Henry have managed just fine without her, so clearly they aren’t able to just forgive and forget.

There are some real magical moments. I had a tear in my eye when Bill scooped up Adela holding baby Sennen and carried both of them over the threshold. What a beautiful memory, a memory that most people wouldn’t forget.  Fern creates these scenes perfectly and they add real character to the story.

Beautiful language is used to describe scenery.  Fern is doing a fabulous job at enticing me to Trevay, let alone Sennen to return to her hometown.  You can feel Sennen’s guilt now from leaving all those years ago.  How is she going to make amends!?

This is the perfect tale about family and relationships, so what better book to treat yourself or your Mum to this Mothering Sunday?

F x


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