#BlogTour #BookReview – Bring Me Back by B A Paris @HQstories @BAParisAuthor

51kF+0lU94L._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg‘The disappearance, the suspicion, the fear…’

I was chuffed to receive an early copy as part of the ‘Bring Me Back’ blog tour, and I could feel the excitement pouring out of it from the second I held it in my hands.  My mind started racing as soon as I started reading… wondering what adventure I was going to be taken  on.  I thought I was ready for the journey but BA Paris soon took the pace up a notch!

‘Twelve years ago Finn’s girlfriend, Layla, disappeared.  He told the police the truth about that night.  Just not quite the whole truth.  Now Finn has moved on.  But his past won’t stay buried…’

I wasn’t too sure on Finns character to begin with.  I mean, how much can you trust a man who starts dating his missing girlfriends sister?! Ellen is clearly the next best thing to Layla, being her sister and all, but it shows throughout how much of a hold Layla still has on Finn.  He is quite a catch though; wealthy, good-looking, good job, and he comes across as loyal and a genuinely laid back kind of guy.  Too good to be true, surely?  Is there more beneath the surface, perhaps.

I loved the passing back and forth in time witnessing Layla and Finns relationship blossom.  Where it all began and how on earth they managed to get themselves to where they are now.  Finn has a bit of a temper on him though, so has he done something he now regrets?!

I loved the effect the Russian dolls had on the story.  It shows how ‘family’ is a theme throughout.  The connection Layla and Ellen had as sisters is strong, so I struggled to understand how Layla just upped and left her sister when she moved to London back then.  It is later revealed why…

BA Paris writes with such fluency and power.  She has constructed a masterful storyline which will both torment and engage you until the end… and will you see the end coming? I think not!  She lures you into a false sense of security and then BAM!  She is excellent at layering a storyline so things aren’t as simple as they seem.

Thank you to HQ Stories and BA Paris for this tense read (I need to start growing my fingernails back now!).

‘Bring Me Back’ is available to buy from the 8th March.

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