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Wednesday 14th February

Wow! What a book!  Following on from Jane’s success with The Dry comes the highly anticipated Force of Nature, and what a show-stopper it is.  I am grateful to be one of today’s stops on the Blog Tour, so thanks to both Jane Harper and Little Brown for having me on board!

51OCvp+U50L‘Five went out.  Four came back…’

Alice Russell is missing, and no-one knows ‘who, what, where, when and why’ – or do they?!

Five women reluctantly go on a team-building hike through the Australian bush, but only four come out on the other side.  Where is Alice, and what has happened to her?!  Jane Harper is wonderful at keeping you on your toes, and she writes in such a way that makes this is a fast-paced read but with all of the necessary details that an excellent story requires.

Federal Police Agent Aaron Falk is back, and what a memorable character he is.  Falk has a keen interest in the whereabouts of the missing Alice as she is the whistleblower in his latest case.  Alice holds the key (and secrets!) into helping him making an arrest of the people Alice currently works for… so could this be the reason she is missing?!

Jane Harper is superb at teasing us; she flips the story back and forth from the past to the present.  Especially later on when we are finally about to discover what happened to Alice, the chapters are short and left on cliff hangers, building up to the tense final moment of ‘I did not see that coming’!

This is climatic writing at its finest, each scene is described with a pinch of mystery and Jane Harper sure knows how to keep a reader wanting more.

The last few pages are actually quite peaceful and happy.  It is always good to end on a high note, instead of death and destruction – if you know what I mean?!

Thank you so much to Grace Vincent at Little Brown for sending me a review copy in return for my opinion – this was definitely one of my highly anticipated 2018 reads, and I am ever so grateful to have received an early copy!

Bye for now!


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