#BookReview – The Collector by Fiona Cummins @FionaAnnCummins @panmacmillan @greenkatie

51ZTdy+eCHL._SX317_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgWoop! Fiona Cummins has done it again.  ‘Back of the net’ as Alan Partridge would say… what a magnificent successor to Rattle.

Fiona clutches onto her readers like Brian Howley goes after his prey.  She does not let go of you from the second you begin that opening chapter.  Fiona holds our attention as if by magic, she captivates us and the terrifying storyline keeps up the pace to turn this into an impressive page-turner.

The tale itself begins where ‘Rattle’ left off.  What we have is a family grieving for a lost daughter, and another family trying to get on with their lives after their dear boy Jakey was nearly taken from them.  Jakey has a bone disorder and his skeleton is what Howley most desires… will Howley succeed in getting what he wants?!

Clara is missing.  She is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary body; she was born with cleft hands.  This is the reason she is being held against her will in a place DI Etta Fitzroy is desperate to locate.  Fitzroy hasn’t given up hope that Clara is still alive, despite many others thinking otherwise.

Fitzroy is dealing with her own struggles of being estranged from her husband and a stillborn baby hidden in the back of her mind, so with Clara still missing, everything is troubling her and her investigation.  All she wants as well is a bit of happiness for herself, and I sure hope she finds some… there might even be a little surprise thrown in!?

There is a new character on the scene who goes by the name of Saul.  He seems like a good chap despite having a not so good upbringing.  He is hiding a secret though… what is it?!  Howley takes a sudden interest in him and tries to lure him into his world.  Could Saul be the son and successor to his sadistic ideas?!

Howley, using the pseudonym Mr Silver, leaves his calling card leading Fitzroy on a chase to hunt him down once and for all.  It is breathtaking getting to those final moments, my nerves were on tenterhooks and I stayed up until the small hours of the morning so I could hopefully witness Howley get his comeuppance.

Thank you to Katie Green at Pan Macmillan for my gorgeous finished copy – I started reading it the second it landed on my doormat!

The E-book version of ‘The Collector’ is already out, but if like me, you prefer a hard copy then it will be hitting bookstores on 22nd February, so get preordering now!

F x


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