#BlogTour #BookReview – The Owl Always Hunts at Night by Samuel Bjork @ThomasssHill @TransworldBooks

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Thank you so much to Tom at Transworld for a copy of this devilishly good read, and for having me on the Blog Tour.  I was really looking forward to getting stuck into this one after being incredibly impressed by Samuel Bjork’s last novel; I’m Travelling alone.

images.jpeg ‘No one is safe in the dark’

The freakish creativeness in the prologue is bewildering.  Talk about catching me hook, line and sinker… I had to know more and see for myself what impressiveness is hidden beneath the pages of this book, and boy, there is plenty!  Munch and Kruger are back with a vengeance…

A young woman is found dead in a very unusual way, the body posed meticulously on top of a bed of feathers.  As you can only expect, the police are quick to respond but what they find is deeply disturbing with hardly any forensic evidence to be found.  Why would someone do something like this?!

Detective Mia Kruger is trying to face her demons full on.   She has been signed off work pending psychological assessment.  All Mia wants is to get over everything that has happened in the past with her family, death and addiction, and move forward with her job.  She wants to solve crimes as that is all she knows in her world at the minute.  Mia, as a character, is someone you want to look after, give a good shake and pass her a helping hand.  She doesn’t need a therapist, although some may argue otherwise, she just needs a friend – Detective Holger Munch, perhaps?!

Mia, Holger and the team are seriously struggling with this case.  They just cannot find any damning evidence and keep clutching at straws trying to pin the murder on innocent people.  There is a new face on the scene though, a young hacker who, with the help of an old friend, manages to uncover some vital clues to blow the case wide open.  The only trouble though is that the murderer has plans and is already on the hunt for this second victim… could it be someone close to home?!

There are some real hand over your mouth moments in this book.  The imagination and thought gone into some of the scenes is unreal and our killer is one twisted and sadistic person.  I couldn’t wait to find out who the culprit was, and what on earth they were thinking as to why they would inflict such derogatory behaviour on innocent people!?  A real page-turner Samuel Bjork has created.

The way each character connects with the storyline and knit together is fantastic.  You have no idea where any of it is going but it is one wild journey getting to the end.  I loved the finale.  The not knowing until the bitter end.  This is such fantastic storytelling and I just cannot hold my excitement for the next in the series, even if I am being a tad premature!

‘The Owl Always Hunts at Night’s is already available to buy, and I would really recommend if you like gritty crime, adding this to your TBR pile.

F x

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