#BookReview – Close to Home by Cara Hunter @CaraHunterBooks @katyloftus @PoppyN @VikingBooks @PenguinUKBooks

61EHKtSVIDL.jpg‘Someone took Daisy Mason… Someone you know.’

What we start off with is what can only be described as a disturbing prologue which establishes and develops an excellent whodunnit.

Eight-year-old Daisy Mason has gone missing from her family home.  Lies and secrets begin to surface that put those close to Daisy under suspicion.   Is Daisy as innocent as she seems though?!  The flashbacks we witness lead you to believe otherwise, and make you wonder whether this is just a simple case of child abduction or even murder?!  Daisy was hiding things from her parents, but the question is, why?!

DI Adam Fawley, the leading man investigating this heinous crime, is certainly a character at the top of his game in a genre that is full of Detective Inspectors.  He is likeable, cracks on with things and doesn’t miss a beat.  He wants to keep an open mind about this whole case but he knows the statistics; that nine times out of ten, it is someone the victim knows.

I loved the whole tweet aspect to the book.  It makes it current, fun and shows what would happen in real-life as our world is so full of twitter-trolls.   The police are just using this form of social media to get it out there and appeal to people who may have seen something.  But the general public have other ideas – whatever happened to being innocent until proven guilty?!

There are plenty of ‘say whattttt’ moments, and that ending is not what I expected at all.  I anticipated a twist but not one as big as that!  It is excellent stuff from Cara as she managed to blow my mind… perhaps a follow up could be on the cards?!

I am super excited already for ‘In The Dark’ which is the next DI Fawley book out later this year!

Thank you to Katy Loftus at Penguin for sending me a copy in a competition win, and I wanted to say what a good publicity campaign Poppy has achieved!

‘Close to Home’ is available now to buy from all good retailers, so get adding it to your shopping cart!

F x


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