#BookReview – Need to Know by Karen Cleveland @karecleve @BeckyShort1 @TransworldBooks #NeedtoKnowBook

51M3CKIKk6L._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_Exhilarating!  I could feel my own blood pressure rising after the very first chapter.  Imagine if everything you thought was real was in fact a lie.  This twisty-turny book takes you on a real adventure about espionage.  A real hot topic!

From the outside looking in, Matt and Viv are your perfect suburban family.  Married for ten years, four kids and they love each other.  What they have works; Viv goes out and earns the money as a CIA Counterintelligence Analyst, not your average job but somebody needs to do it, and Matt a stay at home dad.  He is good at what he does and she is good at what she does.  Their life together seems perfect, or is there more beneath the surface?!  It was fun being taken along for the ride to find out.

Viv has been assigned to uncover Russian sleeper cells and after accessing the computer of a potential Russian spy, she stumbles across something she really wished she hadn’t and her whole world comes crumbling down.

Viv always seems quite disheartened about how good Matt is with the kids.  They always want him, he always knows the right thing to say and how to comfort them and make them laugh.  Is there a little jealousy underneath perhaps?!  It’s only natural really when someone is better at something than you are.  Will Viv use this little niggle of hers to come out and ask her husband “what on earth is going on”!?

The ultimate question is where will Viv’s loyalty lies – with her husband, or with the United States of America?! Oh my, what an awful predicament to be in!

Chapters end on ‘what the?’ moments.  Curveballs are thrown left, right and centre, and Cleveland holds her reader captive until that very final page.  What a truly astonishing, fast paced, mesmerising read.  A read where I would eat my hat (as the cliche saying goes) if somebody wasn’t to like it.  What is there not to like??!!  And THAT ending is gobsmacking!

Becky Short at Transworld kindly sent me a proof copy, so big thanks to her for letting me in on the big #NeedtoKnow secret.

The book hits shops on the 25th January so get pre-ordering now!






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