Review – Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

My Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


When a newborn baby dies after a routine hospital procedure, there is no doubt about who will be held responsible: the nurse who had been banned from looking after him by his father.

What the nurse, her lawyer and the father of the child cannot know is how this death will irrevocably change all of their lives, in ways both expected and not.

Small Great Things is about prejudice and power; it is about that which divides and unites us.

It is about opening your eyes.


I have always been a lover of Picoult’s books ever since I picked up My Sister’s Keeper 10 years ago. I have read most of her books and every single one of them has been thought-provoking to say the least.

Small Great Things had me instantly gripped by the heart having given birth twice myself. I cannot comprehend how sad and angry the mother and father must have felt at losing their baby, nor do I ever wish to. My heart and womb were thumping for both the mother and nurse, as not only did the death of the baby upset me but the racism aspect of it really got to me too.

Turk, one of the lead characters, really got on my nerves because I couldn’t believe how someone could be so racist. I won’t give away any details on why Turk behaves the way he does but put it this way, it is not a valid excuse and if he hadn’t been such a fool in the first place then his son would still be alive today. Although, when it got to Turk’s first ‘point of view’ chapter, unbeknownst to myself, I really started to like him as his character came across as so loving and considerate – it is almost like they were two different people from the Turk I met before.

Until… we get to the nitty gritty of Turk’s history and it shows what a complete and utter mad man he is, purposely getting in with the wrong crowd – I mean please tell me that there aren’t similar racist groups to the ‘North American Death Squad’ – how upsetting if there is!

On a brighter note, there is a lovely little twist at the end which left me feeling complete… it is exactly how I wanted this book to end and I was not disappointed.

The detail and meticulous research Picoult has put into such a a sensitive subject is outstanding. She has really outdone herself again which I didn’t think was possible.

Small Great Things has followed in the footsteps of some of my other favourite storylines; the elephants in Leaving Time, the Holocaust in The Storyteller and a boy with Asperger’s Syndrome in House Rules.

So basically if you haven’t read Small Great Things or any of the above books, then go to your local library to borrow immediately, or if you’re like me and love your own copies then just buy them as I really don’t think you will regret it!

My Final Word: WOW!

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